Natural beauty has no matched or alternative. Tourists from all over the world visit places which have rich natural beauties. Pakistan have some of the world most beautiful places that you can visit, mostly at northern areas of Pakistan and Kashmir region which is called haven on earth. This region of Pakistan is famous all around the world because of snowcapped mountains, lush green valleys, sweet water rivers, beautiful lakes, and wildlife. In this article I will let you know about 5 world famous places of Pakistan.

Neelum Valley

Neelum valley Keran
Neelam valley is located in Kashmir Region. It just 144 km long bow-shaped Valley is situated at the North-East of Muzaffarabad (Capital of Azad Kashmir). One of the famous things in this area is the Neelam River valley which has excellent scenic beauty and great panoramic view. This area is coved with lush green hill from the both sides and the noisy Neelum river makes it the best place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty. Traveling to that place is a dream comes true. This place is rich with greenery, streams, lakes, sloppy mountains.

Hunza Valley

Hunza at Autumn
Now we will go to the mountains of Gilgit–Baltistan. Hunza Valley a mountainous valley located in the Gilgit–Baltistan. In earlier times it was a princely state. The famous Hunza river is also situated in north/west of this valley. At an altitude of around 2,500 metres this valley gives a great view to the nature for the visitor. The Valley has threema in Regions – Upper, Center and Lower Hunza. Hunza has an area of about 7,900 Km, in this small region it has almost everything that a nature lover wants.

Murree Hills

Murree at night
This is a the most famous hill station in Punjab region. Murree is a subdivision of Rawalpindi District. At the time of British government Murree was the summer capital of the British Raj in Punjab. A lot of People from all over the Pakistan wish to go there in summer and enjoy its beauty and clod breeze at hot summer it has a pleasant weather. In winter season people visit this place for its marvelous snowfall. Bhurban and Patriata are a two main tourist center whre thousands of people came every day. One of the most attractive tourist points in Murree is Galliat, a place with greenery and scenic beauty attracts people from different regions of Asia toward it. Mall Road is also very and gets thousands of visitors every day.


ziarat residency
Ziaratis district is located Baluchistan province of Pakistan. Ziarat is the most famous resort of this region and most of trip coming from Karachi to Quetta stops here. Ziarat was the summer residence of the commissioner of Baluchistan. Ziarat has is great places to view, and the hills around this area are well-wooded and picturesque. If you want to visit Quetta, it is incomplete without a trip to Ziarat. Ziarat is also a hill station in and the most popular of the province of Baluchistan. It remains cool in summer and receives a lot of snowfall during the winter to wear white.
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